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from Wikipedia:

A gremlin is a mythological mischievous creature. Gremlins are depicted as mechanically oriented and extremely devious.

The concept of the gremlins as responsible for sabotaging aircraft is first recorded among airmen of Britain's Royal Air Force during World War II, in particular the men of the high altitude Photographic Reconnaissance Units (PRU) of RAF Benson, RAF Wick and RAF St Eval. The story attempted to explain the accidents which often occurred during their flights.

The NewType gremlin now are involved in software & computer related stuff, but remain extremely devious.

Gremlins are responsible of what in our days??? Sorry, is still under some kind of NDA, but soon will be released under (L)GPLv2, yes the OLD GPLv2!!!.

For more info :

il_mio_nick_name è gremlin

questo_sito è fsugpadova.org

la mia mail è il_mio_nick_name @ questo_sito

scusate il gioco di parole ma lo spam mi tormenta

--Gremlin 15:29, 24 nov 2007 (CET)