Da FSUG Padova - Wiki pages.

As of today, there are 213 email addresses subscribed to the fsug-pd mailing list. Some of us are also willing to be contacted individually, especially with regards to the subjects associated with our names:

  • Davide Bettio, from Padova: KDE, Qt, C++ e Gentoo Linux.
  • Andrea Brugiolo, from Brugine (PD): PLUTO and Free Software Users Group Padova
  • NN, from Padova: retrocomputing & ReFun project
  • Yuri Carrer, from Caorle (VE): Debian GNU/Linux for dummies
  • Massimo Cogo, from Padova: Debian GNU/Linux for newbies
  • Paolo Didonè, from Padova: the fight against software patents
  • Andrea Guarnaccia, from Rubano (PD): programming with Free Software (*) and education
  • Mauro Luzi, from Vigodarzere (PD): the Linux kernel & firewalling and education
  • Manuele Rampazzo, from Padova: Free Software in Public Administration and in Veneto
  • Matteo Riondato, from Padova: Free/Net/OpenBSD Systems and FSUG Padova library!
  • Danilo Selvestrel, from Padova: retrocomputing & ReFun project
  • Simone Stevanin, from Este (PD): the PLUTO!
  • Pierpaolo Toniolo, from Padova: GNU/Linux for SME, PHP, database and making Debian work at any cost
  • Andrea Urbani, from Padova: firewalling but rigorously through Perl
  • Matteo Vescovi, from Padova: tries having professional CAD applications in GNU/Linux
  • David N. Welton, from Padova: Tcl, Apache Rivet & Apache!
  • Emanuele Zamprogno, from Padova: Multimedia and Debian-med

If you experience any problem with your first installation of GNU/Linux, instead, have a look at the help! section.